A Bit of Background


Longboard and skateboard decks are one of the many vessel through which skaters express themselves. Their individual riding style, taste, and personality can be conveyed through the deck. The ‘deck graphic’ is the picture, painting, or artwork that covers the bottom of the deck. This graphic is really what makes boards stand apart, and the style can really compliment the rider. There are many different graphic styles, and if you are signed up for a workshop (or planning to do so) definitely start thinking of a graphic style you want!

The standard skateboard deck doesn’t typically have much variation from board to board, as the riders want to be able to perform consistently, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first!

Longboard decks on the other hand have a huge variety in style and shape of the deck. These different shapes and designs allow for the decks and boards to boast different features and functions when riding. Check out our Deck Styles poster to learn more about how the deck style affects the type of board and the riding style!

The Workshop


After reading all of that, and learning about all the ways you can customize a board, it can seem scary when planning out how to build, design, or paint your own. Have no fear! In this workshop, we will walk you through all of the steps necessary to design and create your own custom longboard or skateboard deck. We have a wide variety of specialty tools that really help to make your board exactly what you want.

Starting with an uncut blank, you’ll draw your skateboard or longboard outline and then cut it out with a bandsaw. You’ll then sand it down and drill the truck bolt holes, or cut out the drop through sections. In the afternoon you’ll use spray paint, sharpies and stencils to customize the bottom of your new board. You are welcome to bring a friend or guardian to help build your board at no extra cost!

Here are some of the tools,resources, and techniques that we have, that YOU will have a chance to use when building your deck.

  • Drillpress
  • Bandsaw
  • Router
  • Vinyl sticker cutter
  • Spraypaint and proper techniqus
  • Various sanding and wood shaping techniques


Due to the wide range in trucks, wheels, bearings, and skater hardware, these components are not provided.

We recommend picking some up from your local skateboard shop before the workshop. We will demonstrate how to fix the hardware (i.e. wheels and trucks) to the board so you can do the same later! Ages 12+.