Fusion Labworks creates opportunities for youth to better realize their potential and increase their knowledge of manufacturing and working with their hands. Fusion Labworks enables economic self-sufficiency in students and promotes the pursuit of S.T.E.M related careers. Through teaching hands-on job skills, and cultivating in youth a desire to build and create, the students gain more insight into the vast range of possibilities that pursuing education can offer. 



We imagine a movement of young people who, when given access to hands-on skills and S.T.E.M related education, are transformed into self-motivated and engaged employees and citizens who are passionate about what they do, and who find a sense of community and purpose.

To have lasting impact, we’ve developed a “Build, Learn, Discover strategy”.  

  1. Build - By engaging youth in hands-on building projects, they get the opportunity to use equipment and machinery and develop skills. Banding together and finding a creative solution to a simple design problem causes the students to feel a part of a community of like-minded individuals, and serves to inspire them to further pursue this type of engagement.
  2. Learn - Experiential learning is at the core of our workshops and programming. In our opinion, hands-on learning is by far the best way for students to walk away with a lasting impact of the days lessons. Without even knowing it, youth are learning geometry, hand-eye coordination, basic physical principles that govern movement and interaction between different objects, and how every day products are made.
  3. Discover - Through these projects, youth have the chance to discover passions and interests they would not have otherwise. The biggest deterrent to pursuing a passion, is not having one. Our goal is to be able to bring a wide variety of 'sample passions' if you will, to students abroad. These 'samples' will hopefully serve to spark an interest in students, and let them discover more about the world around them.

This strategy, and everything we do, is rooted in our belief that if youth are given access to resources, training, and tools they will develop their skills, become more self-aware and confident, and be more prepared for their future as proud and fulfilled individuals.