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Its our goal to teach and inspire youth. Through our hands-on workshops, we have the opportunity to teach them useful skills and information. Every project provides an experiential education experience and an opportunity for skills development and growth. Our workshops require design, problem solving, planning, and hands-on work to build something awesome. We have a passion to create and we want o share that with everyone. We also believe there are many great jobs and futures available that involve using our hands. It is our goal to give students the opportunity to discover whether they might be interested in pursuing a career like that. We provide a safe place for youth to experience many real-world, hands-on situations and to learn the correct and safe ways to deal with them. We also have a blast every time we go out and everyone leaves smiling!
Design a Bike Sprocket

CAD stands for ‘computer aided design’ and is an immensely powerful tool in the field of engineering and design. Learn the basics of CAD by designing and customizing your own bike sprocket. Workshop Coming Soon!

Skateboard Design and Construction

Design and build your own custom skateboard or longboard! No experience necessary as we will teach you all the required skills. This is a great introduction to woodworking for the younger generation and an opportunity to learn and grow together. Click the photo to learn more!

Small Engine Mechanics

Get a chance to rip open a small engine and learn all the basics of combustion power, then put it all back together while learning how to properly maintain your engine! Workshop Coming Soon!


We believe that a positive experience can inspire youth.

We are already incredibly encouraged by the impact that we are having on today's youth. This can be seen by the workshop survey results shown here.

  • Confidence

    Students feel more confident using power tools

  • Skilled Trades Work

    43% are more likely to consider pursuing a job in the skilled trades after taking our workshops

  • Future Development

    91% are interested in taking additional hands on workshops

  • Sharing Our Passion

    We love building things, and we love sharing our passion. All of us involved give 100% to what we do.


We believe that every young person is capable of doing more than they think is possible. We believe youth are capable, resilient, and, with true empowerment, can become engaged and active members of society. We believe in giving purpose and a sense of pride to youth through mentorship, and hands-on opportunities. We believe that a positive experience can inspire youth.
Longboard and Skateboard Workshop

Wondering what our workshops look like? See for yourself in this video from last summer!

Posted by Fusion Labworks on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Follow the link to see more awesome pictures and footage!

Our Team

Passionate about creating positive social impact through hands on education.
Paul Terpstra
Paul Terpstra
Chair of the Board
Paul loves building things and sharing that passion. He is the founder of Motis Inc, and strives to build and operate businesses that benefit its customers, its employees, and society as a whole.
Tim Miller
Tim Miller
Board Member
Tim has been building and creating things his entire life. His curiosity about the world and how things work led him to become a licensed professional engineer. He enjoys teaching others in hands-on and practical ways.
Bartholomew Huizinga
Bartholomew Huizinga
Vice Chairman of the Board
Dreamer. Builder. Accountant. Designated as a Chartered Accountant in 2010, he is a Licensed Public Accountant who has worked both in manufacturing and public practice. Socially engaged with a heart for youth and community, he focuses on the behind-the-scenes systems that build dreams and promote impact.
Greg Cowell
Greg Cowell
Board Member
Greg is a procurement professional, who is schooled in public relations and has a passion for people. He volunteers with many organizations and uses his operations and governance background to help them achieve their goals. He is a life-long fan of anything two-wheeled and it’s his craving to ride anything that is.
Katrina Alblas
Katrina Alblas
Media Specialist
A proficient video developer and media generator. In charge of media relations and social outreach as well as promoting the Fusion Labworks message.
Alex Buchanan
Alex Buchanan
Head Developer
A passionate and ambitious student studying Mechanical Engineering. He has spent his life learning about everything mechanical and electrical, as well as design and manufacturing skills. Now, he wants to share that passion with students across Canada.


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